Tile cutting

«Cerama Market» offers customers the service of cutting ceramic, porcelain and clinker tiles.

The cutting procedure is necessary when performing various tasks:
  • installation of plinths;
  • the arrangement of corners (external or internal);
  • installing stairs;
  • creating decorative inserts.

Our specialists cut tiles using mechanical circular cutting with water supply. Professional cutting saves 30% of time when laying tiles.

Types of tile cutting: *
* when cutting tiles up to 5 linear meters, an additional payment of UAH 50 is taken.

Straight cut - from 60 UAH. per linear meter.

The tile is cut in half or into smaller parts (along / across).

Rounding - from 85 UAH. per linear meter.

The upper longitudinal contour acquires a rounded appearance.

Cut at an angle of 45 degrees - from 110 UAH. per linear meter.

Designed for joining a neat inner or outer corner, as well as for decorating columns, table tops and window sills.

Triple cut - from 85 UAH. per linear meter.

Three slots on the step for an anti-slip effect.

«Cerama Market» executes orders of various volumes and complexity.

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